Why is Important to Get Instagram Likes and not only Followers

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Why is Important to Get Instagram Likes and not only Followers

importance Instagram likes

Businesses and privates using Instagram, like businesses and privates using any other social network, seem to have a perennial burning question: “How can I get more followers?”

Let us tell you how to get more Instagram followers – the fast way and the smart way.

The Fast/Faster/Fastest Way to Get Instagram Followers

The Google Keyword Tool tells us that when users search for Instagram related topics, they’re either seeking for a Kardashian/Jenner account OR looking to get more Instagram followers.

The Best Ways to Get Instagram Followers For Your Business

Fast. If you’re about to run to Google for the same reason, you’ll soon learn that everyone wants to help you get Instagram followers — and get ’em fast. Peruse the blogosphere or YouTube and you’ll uncover common tips like:

  • use hashtags like #f4f (follow for follow) or #followme in comments of popular users
  • follow, then moments later, unfollow popular users
  • like at least 1,000 photos with a popular hashtag

Faster. Does that sound like too much work? Try an app to automate the process of building your Instagram follower base. If you search for Instagram apps on your mobile phone, your results will yield a whole bunch of get-followers-quick solutions.

Fastest. If that’s too much scrolling and tapping for you, there are pay-to-play options. Simply fork over your marketing dollars for a particular number of Instagram followers, and POOF!, you have an instant following.The importance Instagram likes

What’s the catch with these fast methods?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these methods if you simply need to tell your boss that you have 10,000 followers. But if that boss will soon ask for ROI on your Instagram efforts, you’ll be up a creek. Let me explain.

In all the articles, videos, apps, and paid programs I’ve described, you’ll never see a mention of gaining TARGETED followers. They’ll never address

  • WHO you’ll get as followers using these methods
  • WHERE these followers come from
  • WHY these followers will be interested in you
  • WHAT value these followers will bring to your business

In other words, these schemes, especially the pay-to-play ones, focus purely on quantity, not the quality of the followers you’ll get on your business account. It would be better not only pay for followers but to spend money for likes too.

If you gained 10k Instagram followers in a week using a “quantity” method, how many of them do you think will be interested in your pizza restaurant in Milano? Gluten-free baking mixes? Composting bins? Hardly. Any. So if you are thinking to pay for increasing your followers number, you would have to think about improving numbers of likes too!
The importance Instagram likes

importance Instagram likes

Otherwise there is slim chance that these newly acquired followers will like you enough to like, comment, regram, or tell their friends about your Instagram account. And if anyone, like your boss, takes a moment to peruse your account, she’ll soon wonder, “Why is it that this account with 20k followers only gets 5 likes per post?”

With that, your Instagram cred will implode.

Wouldn’t it be better to get Instagram followers who give two hoots about you?

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